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Jesuits Behind Climate Change Fraud and Copenhagen Summit of Plunder

God Is Love

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01/08/2010 07:05 AM

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Jesuits Behind Climate Change Fraud and Copenhagen Summit of Plunder
Alexander Armbruster
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18. November 2009 Marx. Ottmar Edenhofer had anyway no right desire on the school, then him its teacher also still another paper on Marx pressed on the eye. Thus it went good into the bookshop of its place of residence Gangkofen and ordered with mulmigem feeling in the belly the three volumes of the German economist. “The bookseller looked at me, as if I wanted to commit a straight murder.” Now those take at school even Marx already through, and here in Lower Bavaria - there everything stops itself!

For Ottmar Edenhofer began thereby much. It read and read and did not understand everything that Marx had written there. But an idea inspired it, those, as Marx thought the development of mankind: as a contradiction between straight material existing conditions and always new inventions, constantly which can be dissolved, which question exactly these conditions, a sequential change, hardly predictably, to steer already directly not at all: an evolution - and in the human being-made economic world!

Its life is an evolution

For Edenhofer a Faszinosum, because if it had done to the nature-connected school boy correctly at that time one, then the Charles Darwin had been, which had brought its “emergence out of the kinds” 1859 - eight years, before the first part of Marx' appeared “capital”. The principle of mutation and selection found Edenhofer high-exciting. Perhaps also (which he could not know at that time yet), because in the review its own life was likewise regarded an evolution, while which it occasionally its conditions and its conditions then again it changed.

And then Marx had written still this famous passage over the exploitation of the workers. Those found Edenhofer likewise mad, although not from an intellectual illuminating need. Those was suitable for it as pubertierendem young person completely prima, in order to enumerate the entrepreneur father once, as that exploits its coworkers day after day. And in order to announce after: “I will create times an enterprise, am in that the exploitation rate equal zero.” Sprach's - and indeed: It tat's. Edenhofer created a cooperative insurance company with 30 employees care forces. Then it made itself on to Munich.

Hans Werner sense was its professor

In the subject political economy it had written itself at the Ludwig Maximilians university. Because he of it more promised himself than from the study of individual decision unit. At that time by the way also a restaurant professor standing at the beginning of its career informed it named Hans Werner sense. The study found Edenhofer interesting and locked with descriptor, 1987 that had been. At that time six-and-twenty-year-old had however despite good notes a problem: “The political economy gave me not all answering.” In the internal argument over it, which it should do, the second mental luggage item got weight, which it had bring along apart from the unbroken interest in nature and economics from Gangkofen: its catholic faith. Ottmar Edenhofer entered the Jesuitenorden.

Why? “The religious life appeared to me correctly for me.” And which was with children? “At that time there was not the desire with me to want to create sometime once a family.” Its family was the medal. Edenhofer learned the medal-upper to pray and meditieren, sent it as humanitarian aides for two years to Croatia and Bosnia.

When he became acquainted with Jesuit besides the man personally, who had justified the catholic social teachings and time of its life was not to be excluded from the justice debates of the Federal Republic: Oswald of Nell Breuning, the Jesuit, which died 1991 at the age of 101 years. “With it to speak an unbelievably raised feeling” was, remembers Edenhofer. If he had already learned the own view with the Jesuiten, not only to think out but also the opposite standpoint radically he looked himself off with Nell Breuning to conceal no opinion third opposite. That is it very importantly, particularly today. “Straight line a scientist, who advises others, must appear as honest brokers.” Only so it can win the confidence of all involved ones despite own point of view. Particularly in the area, which it tills today: Edenhofer analyzes the climate change and its consequences for the economy, it is a deputy director of the Potsdamer of institute for climatic subsequent research.

Edenhofer prepares the climate conference in Copenhagen

Its office works like a contrast to that a palace similar institute building from the outside. Bücherregale cover all walls except behind its desk. There it hangs as poster designed from many hundred small photos - its coworkers gave it that, and also they are to be seen on the Bildchen. The fact that the office has few from an apartment or a life room is perhaps simply because of the fact that Edenhofer often on the way is. Since the world climatic advice IPCC selected it approximately one year ago to one its chairmen, it is still more on axle.

Finally that large climate conference in Copenhagen lines up in December, on which the most important countries in the world want to constitute, how it is to continue after that 2012 running out Kyoto minutes. Much is to be still done up to then. Edenhofer mediated, conferred, coordinates, times in Germany, times in Italy, times in China. It notices again and again that the climatic problem has not only a scientific dimension, but also a social. Easily it can enumerate about, like much greenhouse gas until 2050 still into the atmosphere may (770 Gigatonnen). Heavily falls it to point a safe way out to negotiation success in Copenhagen. Between them the answer lies somewhere, why it does exactly today, what he does.

Because a cause, which led it from Frankfurt to potsdam, does not give it, alone a history: As three-and-thirty-year old it had enough from the medal life. Not from Verbitterung, but because “theology had rather led me away from the large challenges of the time”. That it met short time after the withdrawal with its wife (the two each other already knew from Edenhofers medal start time), did a remaining. He got immediately the opportunity to attain a doctorate in Darmstadt specializedspreading; Economics, nature and computer customer played all together a role. With Bestnote it locked, the employment offered from potsdam followed.

Life results

To go there he does not repent the decision until today. The work makes fun, the atmosphere, with institute boss Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, which advises the Federal Chancellor in climatic questions, is it is outstanding by you. Nevertheless it kept that for itself best ones from all preceding periods of life: Edenhofer prays and meditiert each day one hour (“I believe, if I would not do that, I would be moved”). And it speaks with soft Bavarian accent. The fact that from the Gangkofener boy became an internationally experienced climatic transducer finds to that today 48 years old father of two children still amazingly. But so is now times: Life results.

Therefore there is not also a only one large goal, which he would like to gladly still achieve. Professor at the technical university in Berlin, where he holds a chair for the “economics of the climate change”, it would like to remain. “And then I planned to write sometime a text book.” Into it is to concern naturally also environment and economics. Otherwise it has an exact conception only over the extent already: It is to have two volumes.

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