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Message Subject Why does Obama feel obligated to give Alqaeda Terrorists who survive a cave bombing - a multi million dollar civilian trial in NYC?
Poster Handle PACNWguy
Post Content
Giving him the benefit of the doubt...

He wants to show the world that we are a nation of laws, that we are not just a bunch of blood thirsty, Arab hating, Islam fearing people.

He also thinks that in doing so, those in the Arab world and maybe even all followers of Islam will look at this and go...oh America is not so bad, maybe Islam is wrong about America being the great Satan...

To put it bluntly, he is NAIVE...

Mind you, this is the benefit of the doubt...Being liberal he believes that they (the terrorist) would stop what they do if they only understood how much they (Liberals) care about them and want to help them enjoy a long life.

Just like HealthCare being a right in their mind.. Not a responsibilty...

While Obama and his bunch try and play the, America is sorry because America was and is wrong, game. They want nothing less than the death of every single person that calls themselves anything other than MUSLIM.

He should be encouraging and supporting the protest in Iran, and he should call a meeting ASAP of as many of the leaders of the Arab world that will attend and make it very clear that we, America and the rest of the free world, has had enough of this shit and if they continue to sit back and do nothing to stop these people, then all bets are off.

Make it clear that anyone caught alive after attempting something like this will be put to death, swiftly and immediately and we will go after the shit holes those that send them, hide in no matter where on earth that shit hole is, and that includes New York, Detroit, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc..

To hell with them and their oil or whatever else they sell to us.....

If the free world united against this shit, we could wipe it out in a matter of years...

The protest in Iran deserve our SUPPORT openly and honestly.
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