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Message Subject Why does Obama feel obligated to give Alqaeda Terrorists who survive a cave bombing - a multi million dollar civilian trial in NYC?
Poster Handle Jimmy2times
Post Content
Most of you kids have no clue what the rule of law says about unlawful combatants or have even read the constitution.

What does the "Constitution" say about illegal war?
 Quoting: bobnightman

It says that CONGRESS has the authority to approve any war America involves herself in.

The same people that voted for these wars are still holding positions in Washington D.C.

The one most liberals blame for these wars is no longer in Washington D.C.

The ONLY one who didn't vote for the war in Iraq is the one we call President, lot of good this noble peace prize winner has done to stop what you call "illegal".

You go ahead and trust them.

I guess it's only ok to rely on faulty data when it's saved or created jobs, not when it's WMDs in Iraq.
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