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Message Subject Article 1 Section 8: Constitutional. The Obama Fed's are IMPOTENT
Poster Handle Puppydreamer
Post Content
Send this to your Gov: of your state: Read the 10th amendment, don't worry stop sending the Fed's your $, keep it in your state, raise your own state TAXES, and claim rights to be the for example: THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA...is a good example. organize your BEST MEN, and KICK THEM OUT. I: will go right now! you betcha i'll die for my USA, but ALSO...FOR my individual state, and family who lives there. AMEN. trio flag waver enguard helicopter and BREAKING NEWS: Oathkeepers win...British empire house of Windsor loses! LOSER! criminal bankers will perish! have faith American citizens! hayseed goodnews RAH!
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