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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Wraithwynd
Post Content
Not in California but in Kentucky and over the year I was in Wisconsin living with my grandparents for a year and a half.

Testing included a TV "test" were we watched a series of images on a movie screen that flashed by and then we had to write down what we could recall and then write it down in the order of which they appeared. Each image lasted about 30 seconds.

Further were was 'flash' images' we got to see one image for the span of a minute, after that we wrote down everything we saw in the image.

On top of that was basic skills testing, reading speed and comprehension involving a machine like a computer but nothing like today's computers with their power. We would read the screen and click a button to move to the next page. the computer tested our speed, then we were given a written 'quiz' where we answered 50+ questions about the story we had just read to test how well we comprehended it.

We were also given red and white blocks - each side of the block had the red and white in a pattern (diagonal, half across, a quarter, a cross of red on the white). We were shown a picture and had to quickly match that image with the patterns of the blocks.

In Wisconsin they placed me in class two years beyond my average age group. In Kentucky they only upped me one year.

Its all part of the 'IQ' type testing where they test you and if you are above average they place you in classes to meet your needs.
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