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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you read my thread, Confessions of the Illuminati, you may be able to find some of the information you need.

These tests served many, many purposes as most things involving the elite do. I will try to lay out some of the purposes here quickly. The motivations are explained in greater detail in that thread but beware, it is long.

1. The Ludens are the Illuminati that a spoken of today. They are the hidden group of elite that are the descendants of the Fallen and human beings. A novel was written regarding us: [link to en.wikipedia.org]

2. Ludens families used Luden's cough drops as an identifier. There are many reasons for this that I've laid out in the other thread. If you came from a family that had a room full of unopened boxes of Luden's cough drops you are a Ludens. I mean floor to ceiling, occupying a room.

3. I am a Ludens

4. I was used in these programs to detect others. In any program there is a needed known control subject. I was the control subject. If you are a Ludens, you were a control subject. Others were already well aware of our mental capabilities.

5. I was also used as a manipulator. I was only a child at the time but was already intelligent with enough mental abilities to serve this purpose thoroughly. I already described how we would create a frenzy in the library for certain books that we wanted read. There were many other ways that we would manipulate to provoke certain reactions and other various reasons.

6. We were looking for two types of people - Those of York Rite blood and other Ludens.

7. The reasons for searching for those of York Rite blood are laid out in the other thread. Both groups have mental abilities and traits that are easily distinguishable when the right environment is put into place.

8. We were also searching for any Ludens that may have been displaced from their Families. There are a myriad of reasons that displacement could have occurred. We have an interest in keeping track of our numbers but we are much more sloppy at it than the York Rite. They are extremely clandestine.

9. As I grew older, my specialty went from the process of elimination puzzles to the interpretation and use of symbols and our Ludens language.

10. Every Ludens has a specialty. If you grew up in a Ludens family, your family has invested much time and money honing these skills. The specialty is not like singing or dancing, it is much more involved than those activities. It is usually not a physical specialty at all, rather a mental one.

11. Another component to this program was participation in an art program. Not the one at school. You were given a scholarship to an actual art museum in your area. Normally this was done over the summer, but sometimes it occurred during the school year. This was not a one year thing, but something that lasted many years and then ended abruptly.
At the art school, you practiced counterfeiting paintings. It was represented to you as practicing your technique. You would all paint a portion of a painting. The canvas was divided into squares and you were assigned a square. The purpose of this was to examine interpretation technique and skill in duplication. This was done in primary school with very young children. Subjects were pretested for their art skill in the gifted programs. The pretest had grid boxes with a key to what to draw in each box. I cannot find a proper example on the internet for these but they were common in newspapers long ago for the same reasons.

12. The teachers were instructed not to interfere with the students. Even when the teacher saw me creating difficulties, I was never stopped. They were told that changing the natural environment of play would taint the study results.

I do not know the actual results of the testing such as who was found and who was not.
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