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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I remember it started in the early 1960's, in lower New England. After being put in a soundproof room with wires on my head, they told me I was "gifted" and sent me home where I told my friends; this did not go well, and the ostracizing began.

They assembled a large group of us and we went on a field trip to a nuclear bomb proof bunker owned by the bank. They said if a nuke went off right beside the shelter we would be OK. Maybe 50 or so other kids, who seemed rather normal to me.

The special school was after regular school, where we learned how to draw straight lines, and throw a ball into a bucket. The reading skills portion was designed to help us to understand what we had read. As we progressed the reading got more difficult.

When I was soon to graduate, I interviewed with somebody from the Navy, and after doing some tests that involved manipulating objects in my mind, said they wanted me to run a nuclear reactor.

School for me was difficult, no one school lasted for more than a year. Something would happen and I would be sent to another school. One school was torn down and is now a vacant lot. It was many years before I really felt ready to go to school, where I knew I was going to learn something.

Many more years of study was presented to me in fields of learning that were not necessarily traditional, and even many more years of digesting what I didn't realize I had learned. Then came September 19th, 2008 and it all came to fruition with a remedy to a runaway reaction at the LHC which I've determined were negligent and careless.
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would you like to come and see my puppies - sorry bunker - WTF!!!
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