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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle PhillyGirl
Post Content
Ok, I have to say, there is something on this thread that is really starting to disturb me.

I see a lot of posters talking about a LACK of memory.

I have always been bothered by my lack of memories from this part of my childhood, but I had always attributed it to my parents' divorce (which happened when I was eight).

Do you all think our particiation in this program has something to do with our lack of memories?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 764206

I think you may have hit on something. After I took the CAT (California Achievement Test) I too was pulled out and accepted into the "Gifted Child Program" (As it was called in my area of PA at the time. I too read many "classics" that I thought was standard for all kids my age...a few years ago (while talking to co-workers) I realized that my list was "classics" differed from everyone else. And technically many of these were assigned reading in the honors classes (before the Gifted Program) - so I began to see the educational discrepancies that existed within the school system....after I met my husband (who went to the same school) I realized that there were educational discrepancies WITHIN the same school.

The Gifted Program was touted as a new way of learning for gifted children. We were allowed to choose what we wanted to study and how we wanted to study it. There were no tests like in the other classes...instead there were elaborate presentations, student made movies (mostly stop frame captures at the time), insightful short stories and complex pieces of artwork....all designed to show your knowledge of what you studied. I thought it was so cool to write a short fictional story, or create an elaborate drawing, to showcase my learned knowledge. Unfortunately we moved out of state in the middle to a small town in Jersey that did not have the program. Turned out that by the time I entered 11th grade there I had already completed the twelfth grade work back in my old school. I was exempt from all finals and drove my teachers nuts (they'd send me to library during finals).

BUT AS TO WHAT YOU SAID.....I have ALWAYS had a hard time figuring out what age I was when I did certain things. Up until the time I moved out of state that is. I also have always been troubled by what I described as entire "AGE Blocks" huge blocks of time (sometimes seemingly an entire year) in my childhood that I simply cannot recall any substantive details....just a hint of them...usually only involving one sense....I will hear something and then remember a smell from my past....I'll see something and remember a sound or a tune. Wrapped in these smells and sounds are deep feelings but I simply cannot unravel the feelings enough to try to figure what caused them. I too had a childhood "incident" that I later blamed for these blocks, but I doubt that was the cause as usually when you identify the cause of the block you can then remove it.

Another odd thing (outside of the program) was that I had a subscription to "Psychology Today" when I was in Sixth Grade and I simply devoted each issue when it arrived. I can't remember what led me to get into the magazine at all and I thought for years that all kids enjoyed reading it. And I once spent a summer teaching myself Serbo-Croatian, from a book. Although, as an adult I can understand the desire to learn a foreign language, or the need to "Teach myself" something new, but Serbo-Croatian? What in the world was my motivation for choosing that language? For the life of me I can't remember.
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