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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are some things that also played a part just prior to being identified for these programs. Before standardized tests, these requirements were more heavily relied upon:


1. Self portrait. You were required to complete a self portrait of yourself by looking in a small mirror and drawing what you saw. This was often the ONLY test that was needed to determine whether a child would further testing in a private art museum.

I remember this. I can still see the protrait I drew in my mind.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 764206

Most people have similar memories that they have simply discarded as being unimportant. My brain works in quite a different way. I remember virtually everything, no matter how mundane.

Some need triggers to recall these memories. You are all very familiar with this concept. I do not need any of these triggers and my memories will remain easily accessible for my entire life. This makes it sometimes difficult for me because if I do something heinous, I cannot forget it. That is one of the reasons I have chosen to expose my kind.
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