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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle school memories
Post Content
I was in MGM. Tested in 1971-1972. I was in 2nd grade. I remember thinking it was cool that they sent someone from Sacramento just to test my reading (which in the beginning of 2nd grade was at a 12th grade level at the time).

I started a food fight in the lunch room. Got sent to the principle's office, but didn't get in trouble to my glee and surprise. And mentioned that, that wouldn't stop my grandmother from using the leather belt on me got the principle (Mr. Marshal) to call my grandmother and smooth things over at home too!

Yes, they wanted me to skip 2 grades, but my mom declined. I was very small for my age and she thought this would make me a target for bullies etc. She wanted me to have fun in school, but I thought of school as the place where the harder I would focus, the quicker I could get out. Interesting now that I think back on that.....

In 3rd grade I took some college courses-I think they were after school, because most of what I remember is sunshine and warm weather; the class I remember the most was speed reading (which I found boring because I already did it and ended up point out something to the professor that pissed her off- can't remember what it was.)

Also yes to all the books. I was reading four or five books a week. We didn't have a lot of money, but my mom would take me to bookstores (there were several that we would frequent) to pick out books for me. She always seemed to be fine with me pulling a stack of ten or so books to read. Yes to Science Fiction too!

I was also sent to a different school for 3rd and 4th grade and remember working in some workbook for that class and finishing it way ahead of everyone else which bothered that teacher too. (I tended to not have much interest in the other kids, and would focus on a one and one relationship with the teacher..whoever that teacher was throughout my school years).

Went to yet another school in fifth grade in I remember in that class we were doing exercises about the space shuttle. They hadn't even started building the thing yet and here we were talking scenarios about it. I still have the concept drawings for the space shuttle in a closet at my mom's house. btw- it looks similar to reality, but not the same. I also have VERY fuzzy memories of talking about living on either the moon, or a space station or another planet, and different scenarios that could play out.

Something must have happened that year, because starting right about then I not only ceased to be interested in space development and other life forms, but to this day I will walk the other way, change the channel and not read any books about ET's etc. I feel like it is something I should be able to remember, but can't. But I've never had that 'they are good and here to help' vibe. Instead I view ET's as carnivores and me as a tasty bird.

After that it was all about writing. They had me do lots of writing. Stories, dreams, journals, poems.

Back to lessons- I also was in drawing and art lessons for a few years. If you showed me a picture I could draw it. And French in 6th grade was a breeze. I played multiple instruments in elementary school, but my mom drew the line at the one that I really wanted to play...the drums. (I was a tomboy at heart)

It's funny. I hadn't thought of any of this for a long time, and now tons of memories are floating to the top.....
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