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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle PhillyGirl
Post Content
Here are some things that also played a part just prior to being identified for these programs. Before standardized tests, these requirements were more heavily relied upon:


1. Self portrait. You were required to complete a self portrait of yourself by looking in a small mirror and drawing what you saw. This was often the ONLY test that was needed to determine whether a child would further testing in a private art museum.

2. Color interpretation. Knowing which colors to mix in order to achieve another color. This would not be considered an outstanding thing except for the fact that some children exhibited this skill at a very young age.

3. Your view of the world as expressed through art. Children would be monitored as to whether they painted the sky down to the horizon line properly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 863003

That actually brings back fond memories for me. I had an unusual relationship with all of my teachers (they seemed to approach me on equal footing - rather than "teacher/child"), but my Art teacher actually behaved as if he was looking up to me. Always seeking out my opinion and pulling me out of class to do projects. When I moved to the new school in NJ I clashed terribly with the art teacher (who seemed - to me anyway - to have a real thing against creativity and individuality) and actually dropped the class half way through, which is pretty funny to me now since I'm a portrait artist now,.

----- One "test" I did before being told about the Gifted Child Program (I think it was before....as I said earlier I have a big problem with time/age relation prior to changing schools) was to make a life collage out of magazine photos. I was to place myself in the middle of the collage, photo's representing my past were to go to the left of my picture, and those representing my future were to be placed to the right of my photo. At the time there was much made about my color choices. Apparently it revealed an advanced ability to compartmentalize, categorize, and prioritize.

Hmmmmm....now that I read that back I wonder if this had anything to do with my growing up to feel that logic was the supreme ruler, and strength, in all things - and that emotions were disruptive weaknesses.
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