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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Different state, in the 80's. I've not gone through this entire thread yet but it's comforting and also creeping me out a little to find that our situations are all so similar. I'll relate what I remember/similarities to what I've read so far in the first several pages of this thread:

-I have large blanks in my memory coinciding with the years that I was in the gifted program, even though I can remember being in my crib as a baby. I have sort of general, vague memories but I can't recall specific years, grades, things like that. I can see bits and pieces like in a movie. But I've always felt that there are huge chunks missing-when other people talk about their childhood I'm constantly amazed by what they can remember.

-Tested constantly, told I had a very high IQ and read at a college level at a very young age and then was pulled out of class every day to go to a small room with other 'gifted' kids. I know we worked on computers and did puzzles and took tests but a lot of it is very vague. I remember being told I had a photographic memory. Things people are posting here are jogging my memory more (and also making me uncomfortable.) Head down, lights off 'visualization'. Progressive body relaxation. I learned to lucid dream at the age of five.

-Struggled terribly with algebra but had no problem with geometry/trig

-Terrified of being hypnotized.

-Soft, brittle teeth: yep. Tested for scoliosis: yep. I also had a benign brain tumor removed as an adult. I started getting migraines around the age of 10. All sorts of weird joint problems, abnormally large lymph nodes/tonsils, etc. Shifting eye color. Sleep problems/insomnia.

-I counted things in eights as a kid, constantly. I could count many things at the same time in my head. It abruptly stopped around puberty. I also seemed to lose motivation around that time, never became very successful.

-I'm sort of struggling as I write this, I feel like walls are going up as fast as I'm remembering things. :( (this is why I keep editing).

-also hold pen incorrectly (between 2nd and 3rd fingers).Watches always die on me.

I feel like we're on to something here.

Does eraserblue mean anything to any of you?

ETA: Watership Down
 Quoting: Menny

Damn that's freaky. One of Those words sound familiar. I had scoliosis and grew out of it. My eyes went from blue to brown, rare for a child that's part black (about 5-6 yars old), I still count things in 3's and I have made my whole house go dark in a rage or extreme emotion...had the breaker just trip for no reason while I was upset. I can't wear watches either, the batteries always die within a week. I've made a brand new washing machine just go kaput before. I've had dreams of floating through the floor of the lower level up through the ceiling of my room and "clicking" back into my body in bed.
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