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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle ArmchairObserver
Post Content
He's down for it...just not right now. After a 4 hour sociology class and two hour bus commute, can't blame him. Now is hanging out, chatting with friends, lol.

Anything specific that I should look for outside of just basic (lol) gifted education in the time period? I think Eric might be down down but I will see if some of the articles are available through uni access.
 Quoting: ArmchairObserver

Maybe search all the names that we've come up with, if you can. See if anything is available that we haven't seen?

I'm wondering if the curriculum guides will have anything about the psychic testing. I think I saw a guide somewhere online and it was pretty generic - basic outline/detail.

It will be interesting to see what it says!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17927000

Yeah, it will be but I think that would probably have to be framed in kind of the mood of the 70's. In 1972, apparently the US heard reports of paranormal/parapsychology experiments going on in the USSR. It was enough where they made this debriefing:

[link to www.dod.mil]

Eventually they formed the Stargate Project out of this. This would be the remote viewing project that my grandpa talked about. It ran from the 70's til 1995. Considering that these programs were looking for gifted creative individuals and Gowan's observations about creativity, we would've been the most likely candidates as having some possibly usable paranormal ability. They'd be looking anywhere if they thought the need or danger was great enough to prevent "falling behind" tech-wise. Kind of like the reason why they pushed for the programs to start in 1958 post-Sputnik. The programs' funding also wasn't typical classroom funding either and that could've provided a nudge from interested parties.

I did find this once: [link to www.academia.edu]

Making zener cards and testing each other was the activity plus the discussion of the results and thoughts on the matter. It's listed, I believe, under one of the Science activities and is from 1986. It also doesn't match up with some of the recollections. If kids were testing kids, it wouldn't have rubbed the tested child so wrong, you know? But that is the closest I've come to finding that particular subject in any freely available curriculum. It's also notable because it mentions the cemetery activity which frankly scarred me, lol.
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