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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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i guess my question is what are you guys trying to figure out?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13404684

I came here because of a weird memory (I'll dig it out of my diary and copy and paste below). It was in a classroom setting so I asked in here. Other than that, I was part of the program and I keep getting dragged back into the thread :)

I agree that the more they manipulate the general population through media, the more I feel like the general population is distanced from me because I can't be bothered to follow along with their madness.


"A little earlier on, when I was about ten or eleven years old, we lived directly across the street from a facility for a while. My guardian would give me a juice box and then send me on my way with clear directions as to what office I was meant to go to. The reception area was crowded and it appeared to be an extended hours general medical practice. I brought a friend there one time when I was older under an order to, Iím not proud of that one. I would sign in with the receptionist and eventually I would be waved into the back. I stopped and saw the doctor a couple of times, but mostly I just headed down a hallway to the left and in the rear of the offices, got into an internal elevator, and went up to a higher floor, I want to say that it was the fourth, but I could be off by one.

The floor I went to appeared to be under construction when you first emerged from the elevator, but a short walk and turn around the bend showed activity. There were children in rooms with beds as if they were in a hospital and there was a medical examination room that I often started my day there in. Further down the hall there was a room for auditory education/testing, and to the right there were some larger classrooms buzzing actively with children. I donít remember a whole lot from after we sat down in our desks in the classrooms. Most of what I remember were the introductions, the beginning of assignments, and everyone chatting before class.

What I also remember was getting lost. I would get lost intentionally to see the children that were in the beds and to take a peek into other rooms. I was allowed to get out of the view of staff because the water fountain in the classroom hallway was indeed under construction. Before ďclassĒ I would get lost on my way to reception sometimes and just sit in a main hallway of the building looking lost until someone helped me to the floor with the classes. I would get lost a lot at the end of class. Other kids had parents picking them up, but I was expected to walk home on my own. As the drugs would wear off I would forget that I had been given that instruction and I would stand there alone, confused, waiting for a parent that wasnít arriving, and wondering where I was. We exited the building on a different side than I had originally entered, and since I only ever saw that side of the building when I was medicated, I didnít know what it looked like when the drugs wore off. I really didnít know where I was; to me I had awoken in a strange lobby, not knowing how I got there, where in town it was, or how to get home. Eventually a security guard would help me and show me the way home which was just around the corner."
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