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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle ArmchairObserver
Post Content
Only on page 60 but this thread is tripping me out.

I was likely in the program in So Ca. From 77-80, give or take a year. I moved after that and while I still had advanced material I was no longer tested continuously. A couple years after that I moved again and my records were lost. I had the bright idea of failing my placement test in 8th grade, I was spelling cat after that. I ended up taking the more advanced GED and placed well even after all that. I just had absolutely no motivation for material items. German, Scott/Irish as well, I think that was a case of them seeing what they wanted. Possibly looking to continue the German studies?

So I have taken a lot of time off from learning and Iím trying to make a template to help facilitate learning more efficiently, similar to how they taught us. Iíll add to what Iíve written to help make it easier for anyone else to follow. If anyone else has anything to add to help flesh it out, it would be appreciated. Any tips and tricks you've learned, mine are mostly about controlling the body (heartbeat etc.).

Thread: How to control the human body (emotions, heartbeat, dreams, energy etc).
 Quoting: Coma Patient #7

Part of the reason for this program was probably to find people who could alter the past as well as the present.Weaponized remote influenceing.
 Quoting: Kaw 18064103

Eh, don't get too carried away with Gowan's time warp. He expands on what he means by that very clearly. You should read it if you haven't. I would say that what he was referring to was more of a time distortion--whether it be perceived or actual--not actual time travel. Dr. Krippner also touches on this in his Hypnosis and Creativity paper but as a way to basically maximize time usage using the way that our brains are set up to begin with. Kind of like how you can feel like you've been dreaming forever but only a few minutes has passed. That would be more like what Krippner suggests but using that time distortion phenomena to make geniuses that can do that in a directed fashion. But for sure, they were looking for ways to weaponize things. That's the point of the 1973 Rand debriefing--ways that parapsychology could become weaponized.

And as far as them being unimaginative masonic little dipshits, I don't know. I thought the eye or perhaps fish shaped building from satellite view was rather cute and imaginative.
 Quoting: ArmchairObserver

Found out about the MK/Remote Influencing studies on my own.I will have to go through this new info in between my recent independent study.You guys unearthed some good stuff.Lived in Santa Monica First 4 or 5 years of my life.
 Quoting: Kaw-liga 17257777

Yeah, we did. Still digesting it and it's just a small portion. Actually, using google scholar and typing in specific types of tests ie gifted eeg or gifted biofeedback comes up with thousands of returns, both national and internationally. It's no wonder that some of us ended up feeling more guinea pig than human. This kind of thing was going on beyond just Santa Monica and MGM. If my tape is related, that would also implicate OHSU being involved as it was made by one of their associate deans. So, at the very least, you're looking at a lot of kids being poked and prodded for decades. Somehow, I'm not down with that. Not sure why I feel that way...being sarcastic, of course.

Actually finding LSD and post-hypnotic suggestion being linked to the program through GCQ--that was a mind blower. Then again, based on what a lot of people were recollecting and how it kind of appeared to look like a MK offshoot, I guess I'm not that surprised. Just really, very disappointed. I was hoping that they would have done better by us as a group as we weren't lab rats, tools, or anything like that. We were children.
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