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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle ArmchairObserver
Post Content
Re: the mk shit.

I discovered something tonight that I just have to share somewhere.

There's this pattern that I always highly associated with my guardian and that she had me sew onto my outer clothes when I was around 12 years old. I wore it for ages. I ran across the pattern again earlier this year and made a public comment about how disturbed it made me feel (although I posted it to appear as more of a joke for those that wouldn't understand why it disturbed me).
I was looking up something unrelated tonight and came across the full cia emblem. That shape I wore, that shape I have disturbed feelings about...it's the shape in the middle of the fucking shield on the emblem. Talk about Hitler youth. I was wearing the damn thing like an insignia.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

Movies like Hanna and Salt kinda start hitting a little close to home these days.
 Quoting: Kaw-liga 17257777

lmao, I just watched Hanna again the other night. And Salt--that was the movie my mom gave me to watch again. After I first watched it, I commented to my fiance that Russia did have child programs. Thing was, when I searched for it, nothing popped up except people calling people who believe that a government would do stuff like train kids as being sickos. Just lovely. Also speaking of movies, one of the Puthoff/Targ papers was called "Speed of Thought". I found that interesting because of the Oppenheimer movie of the same name that was about a government conspiracy against gifted children.

Even with the outright early papers in regards to eugenics and Terman, too, stinks of a eugenicist, what is on the surface of genetic engineering was genetically modifying mice in 1974. I just don't think that they would have had the human genome mapped out enough to modify humans as in go in and alter our DNA a la Hannah. I just don't know anymore. If they could have tweaked genetics to make for a super kid, would they have tried? Probably and that's really sad to admit.
 Quoting: ArmchairObserver

What they have is always years ahead of what they say they have.That being said I dont really believe they createdus.Just tried to Kontrol us.
 Quoting: Kaw 18064103

I think a little of both because if I look at it from a tactical vantage, I could see the extreme benefit of having a bunch of kids get taught high level thinking skills (or suggested hypnotically) who have been heavily indoctrinated and set with fail safes should things start stirring (thoughts of "this is crazy", headaches, and overall distress as loyalties, faith and love of country start getting beaten to a pulp). We're all super smart with additional little aspects that are definitely outside of the norm (clairvoyance, em disturbances, time distortions, empery, etc etc). Created may be too harsh. Shaped is perhaps a better descriptor. Shaped and kontrolled because you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Common sense 101.
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