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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle ArmchairObserver
Post Content
Ditto. The thing that I find so frustrating about it is that I do not know if a. I was trained to do these things, b. put in the position where I had to implement what I had learned, c. learned it because of my grandpa via his SAC escape and survival training a la Le May, or d. learned it because of the program. Or e. I saw it in a damn movie though e loses some credibility because it's recollected in first person and they don't generally film from a first person perspective. All I know is that I know shit and some pretty hardcore shit.
 Quoting: ArmchairObserver

The US has out of control military spending. That's enough proof for me.

In other news I have Irish cream, peanut butter, raw sugar, and oats in the house. I wonder if I can turn that into something to numb my brain.
 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

That it does indeed.

Yes, you probably can though not sure about the Irish cream. On my front, it's organizing and cleaning every area of my home. My laundry room and pantry are immaculate despite having two children in the home. Pure OCD--my mind feels cluttered and filled with shattered memories so my response is organizing my surroundings. lol :( TV is a fail escape for me. I just rip it apart though I have had some temporary distraction success with Lost and Destination Truth. I think it's because both make me feel like my life is comparatively normal.
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