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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle ArmchairObserver
Post Content
was there programs like this in other states?
which ones.... how do i research?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1898146

Many fall under:
TAG (Talented and Gifted)
GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)
I know there are more. Someone should know.
 Quoting: The Light Under the Door

TAG (Oregon, Iowa, Virginia)
GT/GAT/GATE (California, Minnesota, Virginia, Colorado, Alabama, Washington, N. Carolina, Maine, Michigan)
B'Yon (Louisiana)
Project Potential (Arizona)
ALPHA (Iowa)
Odyssey of the Mind
CLUE (Tennessee)
Horizons/GAT (Ohio)
SRA/Extended Learning (Kansas)
Gateway (Indiana)
Superior Student Research (Wisconsin)
Academically Talented
Project Spectrum
Enrichment Resource Center
Quest (Ohio)
Gifted Self
Talentpool (Alabama)
Search (Georgia)
Enhanced Learning (Florida)
ESP (Massachusetts)
LEAP (Pennsylvania)
AGT (Hawaii)
SPACE (Alabama)
REACH (Georgia)

And probably a whole lot more. Seems like names changed over time or varied perhaps from district to district. Frequent name changing is such a confidence booster. :P This list was just from this thread. Looking at the names of the programs are kind of interesting considering all that we have uncovered in the last few weeks. If I remember the way that the federal laws worked in regards to the establishment of gifted programs, I believe that all the states were mandated to identify them and only received some nominal additional funding if they developed a program for those students. Something along those lines.

It's also something that is definitely international. The list here, as far as the US goes, doesn't seem to be inclusive of a whole lot:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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