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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Bea Nameless
Post Content
I was in a gifted program as a child/teen. I chose to totally annihilate "da specialz" as I got older and not let it define me. I realize that I'm only "da specialz" to a singular person, that person being Bea. I have no inflated sense of importance. I'm just a creative chick who makes her living slinging words on the internet, writing marketing copy for the consumers. To assume everyone is a loon because they want to Scooby Doo a big, bad mystery? No. It's the natural product of curious, agile minds. You don't inflate yourself by tearing others down, dude. People do what they do what they do, even gifted ones who's minds were messed with by those in authority. Tear those dudes down instead. It seems a more worthwhile pursuit.
 Quoting: Bea Nameless

Takes a certain kind of person to use a another's suicide attempts as a debate weapon and then, dish out some more backhanded commentary on anyone else who actually is concerned about the program, in which as evidence has shown, was really freaking questionable in regards to ethics and legality...all in the same day.

But hey, you don't have kids and I do so maybe that has something to do with my feeling the need to scooby doo this shit.
 Quoting: ArmchairObserver

You're misunderstanding what I said. I was saying that suicide isn't the answer. It never is, it never was. We're better than that. And that calling people loons for exploring what happened is wrong. I can't figure out the dissonance with us lately, you're reading different meanings that are completely opposite of what I'm saying into the things I say. Please tell me what I said that offended you, because I've re-read everything I've said to you the past few days multiple times and I can't figure out why you're taking an entirely different meaning from my words. So if you could, please read that again slowly and break it down to me. You know I don't enjoy miscommunication, especially with someone I respect.
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