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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle ArmchairObserver
Post Content
I stumbled across this thread back in July after an odd series of events led me to google the mgm program of the 70's in CA. Some of you may remember that I eagerly jumped in sharing my awe at the number of us that wound up here, and my blatant questions which triggered a snobby coldness that shut this site down for awhile. I have continued to check for new entries and also to catch up on the almost 3 yr long thread. I have many questions but want to avoid the animosity that seems to arise with new disclosure or possible memory triggers. Whatever, I'm rambling. Is anyone else resistant to hypnosis? Also, my memory of the MGM program was that when it changed to GATE (California) in the early 80's, they completely changed the criteria for eligibility as well as the structure of the program and it became the precursor to the EEP which is mostly academic.
 Quoting: lisafishes 28828277

I remember you. Defenestrate, right? And yes, this thread has a nasty habit of derailing after disclosures. I apologize for this last one but honestly, enough was enough. We've uncovered far too much that seems really rather unethical, is worthy of serious questioning and public disclosure, and more. Welcome back and I do mean that. I hope that you've been well.

As far as hypnosis goes, yes and no. One of the things that was initially done with me to try to lift some of my amnesia issues was 3 attempts at hypnotic regression (unsanctioned by school and parent, btw). The first two attempts were successful in helping me recall a couple of late childhood events (later confirmed by my parents). The third attempt was an absolute failure. I was in a hypnotic state but I was basically describing the white and black "fan" that used to be there whenever I closed my eyes. Sounds weird but eh, that's what I described and I don't see the "fan" anymore--just boring black and that is kind of unnerving after a lifetime of "fan", lol. Go figure. There was one more attempt to hypnotize me and that failed utterly--not even a hypnotic state. The psychologist stated that I was "blocked" and that hypnotic regression would not work with me. It was really frustrating.

I used to be able to hypnotize myself (through breathing and visualization). I can no longer do that anymore, post-thread. I've tried multiple times and I can't figure out the impediment. It may be the distraction of the black or the fact that my eyes no longer roll back anymore when I close my eyes. Kind of gross but...lol I put in allt he detail in case there is anything that anyone else may recognize.
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