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Message Subject Were You Part Of The "Mentally Gifted Minds" Program In California Scools back in the 70's?
Poster Handle Lisafishes
Post Content
My apologies for causing the disagreement between Armchair and Bea. I have my own qualms with Bea though not on any sort of personal level but on what I see as her being a regulatory voice of status-quo on this thread. It isn't my nature to just analyze something and do nothing about it. That is me.

Do I sometimes want revenge against the obviously unethical behavior? At times, yes, it burns within me, but I try to temper it against losing myself in the anger and rage and maintain a more love-type vibration.

Do I want full disclosure? Yes, more than anything just to prove to my family (who discounts all of the memories I have recovered in the last year) and to expose this sick nature of any people/agency that would do the things they did to young children and stop any ongoing and planned future programs.

The history between Bea and me goes back about a year including a few disagreements on this thread and another MKULTRA one where I tried rallying others together to experiment with possible "gifts" we may have besides the surface IQ numbers we were given. In all of my attempts, she became the voice against, which of course she has every right to do. But, what rubbed me wrong, is much of what Armchair noted above. She seems to think that the program did nothing to her, but then likes being involved in analyzing and commenting on others' experiences regarding the program. My experience is that she diffuses anything that would resemble action/combination of our abilities toward any sort of purpose. She is extremely likable with a vibrant personality and an excellent mind, yet I view her, again, as a status-quo keeper - opposite of me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29214436

I must admit that I find this program and it's methods to be both intriquing and scary, on one hand, I can see why someone would want to understand more fully what makes a person be able to walk into a room and see the past or feel the turmoil within someone else's mind. What I don't understand is what they were thinking would be accomplished by essentially handing a group of children the keys to the kingdom without ever telling them where the locks are, so to speak. There are so many things about me that my family have never understood and my children now think I'm a crazy conspiracist. But I never realized how much of my thinking was actually shaped by the program. I have not looked in the mkultra stuff yet as I have spent what little sparetime I have reading this thread and googling various memories to see what pops up. This for me, has been one hell of a year, to say the least.
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