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Message Subject STUPID Pat Robertson Quotes
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Every one of those statements is idiotic.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 222101

True, but here's the clincher of them all:

Pat Robertson, rationalizing genocide committed by the early Israelites, on “The 700 Club” television program. May 6th, 1985

"The wars of extermination have given a lot of people trouble unless they know what was going on. The people in the land of Palestine were very wicked. They were given over to idolatry; they were having sex, apparently, with animals; they were having sex men with men, and women with women; they were committing adultery, fornication; they were worshiping idols, offering their children up; and they were forsaking God. God told the Israelites to kill them all - men, women and children, to destroy them. And that seems to be a terrible thing to do. Is it? Or isn't it? Well, let us assume there were 2,000 of them, or 10,000 of them living in the land, or whatever number there was of them. I don't have the exact number. Pick a number. God said, "Kill them all." Well, that would seem hard, wouldn't it? That would be 10,000 people who would probably go to hell. But, if they stayed and reproduced, in 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 100 more years, they could conceivably be - 10,000 would go to a 100,000 - 100,000 could conceivably go to a million. And then, there would be a million people who would have to spend an eternity in Hell! And it's far more merciful to take away a few than to see in the future a 100 years down the road, and say, "Well, I have to take away a million people that would forever be apart from God," because the abomination was there like a contagium. God saw that there was no cure for it. It wasn't going to change; their hearts weren't going to change; and all they they would do is cause trouble for the Israelites, and pull the Israelites away from God, and prevent the truth of God from reaching the Earth. So, God, in love, took away a small number that he might not have to take away a large number."
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