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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle Robert Mellayne
Post Content
D = 4
R = 18 or 9

4+18 = 22 (the Master Builder)
4+9 = 13 (manifestation from the material to physical or vice versa)

1 closed, 3 open (13 again)

The closed lock being the 9 could be reversing the "spiral" downwards, implying that one 13 (3-sided pyramid) goes up and the other goes down, thus creating an 8 (4/4, or 22+22) point merkabah structure.

Basically it appears to be like a numerological/sacred geometrical "battery" if you will to manifest... whatever is in the center of the gargoyles (I didn't look that far yet). That is the 9th point.

Though that's just from a quick look at the pics posted.
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