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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle Haiter
Post Content
:denvcap: :cap:

Notice that this ceremonial corner stone appears to be simply placed on the floor, with an affixed by means of a stand, an explanation plaque. This would imply that the building they wish to install the corner stone has yet to be built, or the foundations for the building have been poured and the actual building is not yet built.

The corner stone is the one which they measure each course of block laid above it, enabling each course of block to be square, thus the building is either yet to be built or they decided to not build it, or it was removed from the building which it was once placed on. If it is indeed a corner stone, then where is the characteristic wash of cement or similar still adhering to the stone?

I'd rather have a mason do work who charged fairly for his expended time than one who gives his time away for free. A person who does free masonry could be thought to be an apprentice and not a skilled master craftsman.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 676406

this guy is an IDIOT.

for one, the thing coming up out of the "cornerstone" isn't a plaque with an explanation. it is a control panel with a button missing, and many think the button is inside a time capsule in the stone below.

and it isn't a TECHNICAL "cornerstone" per say, it is more a chunk of granite that commemorates the building of the airport.

BESIDES, do you REALLY think a "cornerstone" nowadays is REALLY measured by? NO, a bunch of fucking BRICKS are delivered in trucks, you doomis.

and another thing, "freemasonry" doesn't mean they work for FREE!!!


somebody give this guy a BOOK?
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