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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle TheCuriousGoo
Post Content
further to the last post- and I could be off base here but it might help unravel the clues... or not...

the Fleur-de-lis- as a religious symbol may represent the Trinity, or be an iconographic attribute of the archangel Gabriel, notably in representations of the Annunciation. In such contexts, the fleur-de-lis is associated with the Virgin Mary.

The Annunciation is the Christian celebration of the announcement to Mary by the angel Gabriel that she would become the Theotokos (God-bearer). Even though a virgin, Mary would conceive a child who would be the Son of God. Gabriel told Mary to name her son Jesus (“Yahweh delivers”). Most of Christianity observes this event with the Feast of the Annunciation on 25 March.

According to the Bible, the Annunciation occurred in “the sixth month” of Elizabeth's pregnancy (Luke 1:26) with the child who would become known as John the Baptist. This celebration of Jesus incarnation falls nine months before that of his Nativity.
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