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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Here is a brief UNCONFIRMED narrative: If you have more info please be sure to pass it along..."

* The Queen of England has reportedly been buying up property in Colorado under a proxy.

* There is a lot of "secret society" symbology at the airport, an AWFUL lot in fact

* The symbolism apparent in the layout of the new Denver airport, some feel, says that it may be a control center for world control

* Specifically, those involved in some very unusual government projects in the past, have remarked that the Denver area is where the establishment of the Western sector of the New World Order will be in the United States.

* Denver is of very high altitude and ideal for safe underground building

* The dedication or capstone of the new Denver Internation Airport is a masonic symbol.

* If you visit the airport's south eastern side of the terminal you will find the Masonic Capstone in Granite.

* This part of the terminal is called The Great Hall, which is known in Masonic lingo as their meeting hall.

* On the Masonic Capstone is inscribed NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISION.

* An eyewitness who has since "committed suicide" named Phil Schneider was a whistle blower re: Denver International Airport's underground facilities

* He helped build the underground facilities and reportedly "killed" himself via a double tie catheter behind his own neck strangling himself. It goes without saying that it appears that he was MURDERED.

* Phil also worked on other government underground facilities such as Area 51 and Dulce and more. See [link to www.geocities.com] Which is a tribute to Phil, although I cannot vouch for the site myself

* In the same general area as the Masonic capstone, there are Masonic designs inlaided in the floor, such as the expression DZIT DIT GAII, [anyone know EXACTLY what that means?]

* Phil Schneider's father was a U-boat captain during the NAZI regime.

* Apparently DZIT DIT GAII refers to the BLACK SUN some sort of NAZI symbology.

* NAZI's apparently were into "BLACK SUN" worship, i.e. Saturn, i.e. Satanism, should not surprise us, I suppose

* There are many murals at the airport of an EXTREMELY grotesque and apocalyptic nature.

* After looking at the murals many come away saying that they may represent what the elites plan to do with us and world

* One of the murals depicts 3 caskets containing dead people, each person representing people who the elites may want dead

* Black woman, a Jewish woman, and an American Indian Woman

* The casket ritual is common in the Skull & Bones Club whose members include George Bush

* In the same mural is shown the destruction of city and forest, a little girl holding a Mayan Tablet that predicts destruction of Civilization

* Another Mural depicts a green giant "Darth Vader" like figure wearing a gas mask destroying a city

* In this mural women can be seen carrying DEAD BABIES

* Another mural depicts a German boy collecting from all the other children of the world, all of the worlds weapons

* the German boy has a HUGE IRON FIST and is pounding all the weapons into plowshares on an anvil

* Operation Paperclip was a plan wherein NAZI's were brought into the US to be brought back into power after being financed and appearance altered

* Many German nationals have been seen along Americans in more sensitive areas of the airport's underground facilities on a regular basis

* The LUFTWAFFE has long had an EXTENSIVE base in New Mexico complete with towns where all signs are in GERMAN

* The Artists who made the murals etc in DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT have been interviewed wherein they first claimed that guidelines WERE provided for their work

* Upon further investigation, they appear to have forgotten that they previously said guidelines were given

* Another mural depicts nothing but mind-altering or poisonous plants and animals all of which are recognized as Masonic symbols worldwide

* Most people are shocked by this weird art and are bewildered that such strange stuff is in the airport at all [not unlike the bizarre propaganda/art at the new IRS HQ]

* Phil Schneider claimed during the last year of construction that the underground airport system was being connected to a deep underground base

* At least 8 levels deep

* 4.5 square mile underground city

* 88.5 square mile base underneath the airport [HARD to BELIEVE, huh] Your tax money at work ?

* Rodney Stitch, author of Defrauding of America, claims to have a copy of a tape of a CIA agent paying off the mayor of Denver to get the airport built [$1.5 million payoff]

more here -- [link to www.grandestrategy.com]
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