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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle anonimalle
Post Content
Ever been to that airport? If you are close enough give it a go. Very disturbing, especially going down on the tram. Cannot remember what the sign said, but it was something that played into the whole paranoia of this airport. I just caught a quick glimpse, as my tram made a turn and the other rail went on down, somewhere I never want to go.

We made a special trip just to see if what I had read was so. And it was. We were so intent on searching around that two men in suits approached us and inquired if they could help us. This was prior to 9/11. We decided that maybe we should leave....

Let me add a little know fact or oddity to the mix. I knew the man who invented the GPS. Dew was a government scientist and he lived in Denver for a while.

It is my personal belief that the GPS system will be the method they use to implement the mark of the beast.
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