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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Gargoyle in the suit case, of course, is a metaphor.

1st Gargoyle used for water routing.
2nd Gargoyle comes from French word throat.
3rd Gargoyle is an Omen and usually coupled to evil.

So... The Water coming from the throat of evil with quench the thrust of the multitudes. Evil will speak lies and most will drink and be satisfied with the toxic lies from the throat of the Antichrist.

Now the Suit case.

Looks Like a Samsonite as someone else has mentioned this in thread.

Because We CAN TELL that is a Samsonite... this is important.

The word SAMSON actually means "man of the sun".

If you are a Samsonite you are a man from the Sun area.

Many ancient cultures believed that Spirits dwell the Planets and Stars.

So this signifies the Evil Spirit or man will come from the Sun.

Now all of this is layer upon layer of symbology.

Now from a Judaiyan Rabbinic literature perspective, they
identifiy Samson with Bedan. Who was a Judge mentioned by Samuel in his farewell address (1 Samuel 12:11) among the Judges that delivered Israel from their enemies. However, the name "Bedan" is not found in the Book of Judges. The name "Samson" is derived from the Hebrew word "shemesh", which means the sun, so that Samson bore the name of God, who is called "a sun and shield" in Psalms 84:11; and as God protected Israel, so did Samson watch over it in his generation, judging the people even as did God. Samson's strength was divinely derived.

Here it looks as though Samson is a Shield or a Judge for Israel which could simply mean god's people.

The two placed together is quite fascinating.

So... to the core of my analysis...

Judgment comes from the Sun or Son. To some it will be as water soothing and quenching...life giving. For others it will be as Fire spewing from the throat of evil. Judgment comes and it will be released from its containment soon.

Now I have not studied other parts of the Airport. I the one who are looking for me offer enough money so that I can quite my job... then I maybe open to any job opportunities.

At that point I will decipher the rest.

Keep in mind, if I were to study the rest, it could add or change the dimensions of what I have shared today.


 Quoting: Dark Zen

Hmmm.... DARK ZEN - Just love your avatar---

Im going to follow your interpretaions - Your summary of Sun energy is very metaphysical (excuse the long word)
Felt the TRUTH of what you said....

I hope you can quit your job so that you can give us some more _ thanks
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