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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle Buckmaw
Post Content
I you make Anagrams using Sampsonite and include D and R, you get some very interesting results.

Star Demons I

Kind of fits the Nibiru/Wormwood theory.


330. Mason Driest
331. Mason Direst
332. Mason Stride
333. Masons Tired
334. Masons Tried
335. Mans Storied
336. Mans Sortied
337. Mans Editors
345. Atoms Rinsed
17162. Star Dos Em In
16781. Stars Do Em In
16782. Stars Do Me In
96. Disarm Onset
97. Disarm Stone
98. Disarm Steno
99. Disarm Tones
100. Disarm Notes
101. Disarms Note
102. Disarms Tone
89. Aid Monsters
57. Madness Riot
1. A Modernists
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