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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle Markthomson1969@live.co.uk
Post Content
Surely the real question is what makes any of us ordinary 99% worth saving in the eyes of these people?
Sure some for slaves, women for their harems, soldiers for protection, sciencetists,police and a few other "necessary" people.
The rest of us put ur head between ur legs and kiss ur arse Goodbye!!!
You really think we even would be told when and if TSHTF LOL Puleeze!!
These scum want depopulation, resources are finite and only elite wealthy with the right contacts will matter. In the end we're all cannon fodder,cattle,sheeple etc. Solving this puzzle will only make there joke more enjoyable. LoL goverments that care?
The greatest saddest joke on us all.
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