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Message Subject Denver airport gargoyle suitcase is key to survival?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They could be chimeras, not gargolyes. If they are chimeras, then the meaning could be: Be careful(protect) the genes or genetic material. Jesse Shawyer, the founder of Samsonite, was a biblicist. As such, he may have believed if there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood, it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God, and caused confusion everywhere. Therefore, the flood, the destruction was a direct result of "amalgamation" or genetic engineering. Whether it is a warning, or an art form created to represent a particular view, celebrate that view, or promote that view, or perhaps to mock that view, I couldn't say. So, it may be a key to survivial. And I could be way off base entirely.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 757542

I thought that one was a griffin/dragon and the other was like a goat, aren't there two sides to the bloodlines or something like that? will look into this..um
 Quoting: PallasAthene

You toy cleverly with them for the eyes see the two snakes on the staff, hidden they are not.

Many are so close. Its their choice, they failed, it was them that let themselves get here. How can one like I say the victor is the looser, I can not.

The images have a great deal to do with the snakes you all worship. I stand yet refrain for my immortal soul.
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