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Message Subject Women, do you understand how remarkably wounding you can be to a man? Especially Intellectual men?
Poster Handle Confounded Intellectual.
Post Content
Henry is that you?

[link to www.henrymakow.com]


Ahh...you must live in one of the 'liberated' western worlds.

These days you must leave the US, Canada, UK, etc. to find traditional women i.e. not in competition with men, but in partnership. Where they take pride in being a feminine woman, not a man in a woman's body. Where they put caring for a husband and raising a family before a career. Not to say they can't work, just where they place their priorities.

But careful if/when you bring them back home, lest they become 'westernized'.
 Quoting: Vimassda

Most certainly not.

I have examined the gentleman's material. It is fitting with my conjecture. I'm an American and live in Texas. Although, unlike my fellow countrymen, not cut from the same cloth.
I'm growing wearing having to say, "I'M AN AMERICAN." Because I have reverted to a previous "traditional, biblical, and old fashioned" state of being while retaining my intellect.

More akin to Epistemological Autocracy than "Westernization."

Malthusian principles and Hegelian dialectic in play.
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