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Message Subject Women, do you understand how remarkably wounding you can be to a man? Especially Intellectual men?
Poster Handle Jack Flint
Post Content
Y'know, I had a really distinctly disturbing dream last year, on the 20th, inauguration day, coincidentally.

I remember seeing thousands of women thrown naked into plastic cages and reprogrammed via loudspeakers and hypnotic TV monitors in order to make them mentally unfit to bear children.
It was pretty horrific. I woke up with a start, and was very relieved to see it hadn't happened.
Still, the thought of the ruling class reprogramming the female gender en mass has stuck with me. Could they really do such a thing? Is it conceivable that they would try?

Anyways, great post. This is certainly something that should be talked about more. Women, take note. Also be aware of shadow government mind-control attempts.
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