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Message Subject Women, do you understand how remarkably wounding you can be to a man? Especially Intellectual men?
Poster Handle Confounded Intellectual.
Post Content
Have you departed entirely from womanhood and subsequent natural affection and tender embraces motherhood entails or have you discerned the latent deception consciously targeting women of the United States and not succumbed to its rancid manipulative machinations as have most women?

It is well known to me, in this 21st century of flagrant deceit, both overt & covert brainwashing, coupled with on going chicanery, there is a dwindling remnant I wish to appeal to, provided I am seeking championship with a women.

I have postponed that aspect of my being for some time now.

If you'd like that to change, you'll have to stop talking talking like that Sir Galahad.

And what is "championship with a women"?

I know, you meant "companionship with woman"?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 836255

Bowing to the wagging tails of the likes/dislikes of others demonstrates an unwavering will to yield, TO ANYTHING.

In reference to my typographical error, posting as an anonymous user has its limitations.
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