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Message Subject White House calls Robertson's Haiti comment 'stupid'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The most disturbing thing about Pat's comments is that he seemed to suggest the Haitian's were wrong in rising up against their French masters.

How dare they.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 705796

Yes that is very disturbing and regardless of how most people feel about voodoo, I'm guessing this is something that was passed down from generatin to generation. No matter what form of worship or ritual something is, it is hard to change peoples beliefs and you can't really condemn them for it.... it's simply the only way they know. I believe I heard a reporter on CNN say they are about 80% catholic, 15 % protestant and 10000 % voodoo.. he was using this in the context of explaining a burial ritual he had witnessed.

At any rate, it is downright TACKY, SILLY, AND NOT HELPFUL to focus on this aspect of these peoples lives in so far as they are not causing harm to others by practicing their beliefs in rescue efforts.

It is disgraceful, a word I have seen used a lot that this drivel comes from a tv preacher who has the capacity to influence those who listen, and I won't even go into Limbaugh since that's off topic.

I believe it is right that the white house make a statement about this if they are asked, and I suppose they were.

Again, why are people focusing on this particular thing ? I admit I do think their beliefs are going to cause them to not get help in some instances, for example, turning down food b/c a few who could shout louder told them it was poisend or expired. I saw on CNN a ticker running that said around 78 % are illiterate..... so it's not like they can make a solid judgement themselves, and given that the world has let them live in absolute miserable poverty for so long, ( all of us, means me, you and our other brothers and sisters in humanity) I can see how they would not trust so easily.

All around, a very tough situation NOT helped by some tv preacher running off at the mouth. I really hope people take the time to call his prayer line and express their dismay and dissapointement in a calm manner to whoever they get on the phone. These people in high profile positions who make these statements must be called out and held accountable for their words.. this issue is too tenuous.. to difficult to muddy the waters with such nonsense.

Please think about all this logically and try to relate to where the people of Haiti are coming from... all they have known... how can we expect them to behave "as we would".. we cannot. Look for their humanity.. look in their eyes when you see them on tv and realize that you ARE your brothers keeper. You are. And it is a honor to be so.

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