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Poster Handle lapis lazuli
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I actually had a similar reaction at one point last night. When they bought that samurai sword for $200 I thought they were stealing him blind. Turns out the thing is only worth four or $500. Big deal.

If they had Not gone in there, found it and rescued it, it's likely it just would've rusted away to nothing.

Thing you don't realize is that most of these treasures they find are sitting in the back of somebody's yard or in somebody's barn rusting on rotting away. If they don't buy them and restore them chances are they will be thrown away into the junk pile.

The idea that their kids or somebody is going to inherit this stuff and then restore it or what ever?nonsense.

When kids inherit grandpas farm that's loaded with a bunch of old rotting rusty crap -- they throw it all away. That's what happens.

Leeland obviously doesn't have the energy or the impetus to dig around in his belongings and put them up for sale himself. These people actually performed him a service by showing up with cash. Now you can probably afford another three months of high blood pressure medication or whatever.
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