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op, you sound like obama the communist. all participants were happy. leland got some cash, the pickers MIGHT make a profit.

there is risk in making money and last time i checked we're still a capitalist society (not for long i suspect).

This goes WAY beyond just making money. It represents something FAR worse...the moral decay of the people and the fall of America!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 868942

Ya FUKTARD, moral decay? What are you talking about? You probably shop at WAL*MART talking about "MORALS."
In times long before America, there was the bartering system where fair market value is established by two consenting people making a trade. What happens after that, is NOBODY'S business! If you can't see that, well then I feel for you, because the time is coming...
If I strong arm you and take your shit, well THAT is a moral issue. This topic has SHIT to do with morals.
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