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What do I want to see? Well, real History on a channel that calls itself History. As for WWII, yes, it is real History. It was brought about, fought, won and ended by real people who had a whole lot more to do with who you are, why you are and where you are than the "REAL" people doing "REAL" work that you seem to admire. And if you find this mind-numbing tripe fascinating, that is a matter of your taste and your choice - which speaks very well for the education you have received. What I and many others find objectionable is that this is NON-History and it is being fed to people like you who do not know the difference as "History." It is, in fact, "Reality TV" and it is what Nancy DuBuc does best. And for people who like it, there is a place for it - the A&E Channel. That is part of the same big corporation that owns History Channel. So, we would like them to walk these shows upstairs or across the hall and re-run them ad nausium between the four billionth and five billionth re-reruns of CSI MIAMI and DOG, THE BOUNTY HUNTER. You won't even have to change the channel!

As for re-runs, History Channel has plenty of very good material that they do own, that they did produce and that people loved and enjoyed many times over that they absolutely refuse to air in favor of this stuff that simply is not History. There are some of us who know the difference. And as long as everything on these two channels is being re-run and re-run, History has nothing to lose by using some of their good material - except to see how badly the Truckers, Loggers, Pawn Brokers and Pickers stand up against it. That would not be good for Nancy DuBuc's ego - or her career and History Channel knows it. That is why many of us have started a BOYCOTT MADE EVERY DAY and now have added the mantra, FIRE NANCY DUBUC.

With values like yours and what you think is "real," I hope you live happily (and ignorantly) ever after - with a Picker.
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