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Poster Handle Seamus
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People defending this crap are the same lost souls who believe it's all about THE BOTTOM LINE!!!

Whatever one does to screw another is just fine. In fact, it is capitalistic! That's what America is, right???


It is bad enough that these 2 loverboys roam the countryside with a eye out for old-timers (easier to take advantage of ol' Auntie Mildred than it is some 30-something in a McMansion) but what makes it despicable is that TV cameras follow them about, eager to record their immoral behavior and spread it across America.

'Out of Work? Well, watch the History Channel's new show - with pocket change you to can learn how to con old people out of their belongings. You might just get rich doing so!! (that's the American dream, right?).

okay so if two FREE PEOPLE get together and one wants to sell something and one wants to buy something and they AGREE on a price ...

are you saying we need to have government intrusion to decide if its fair or not


EITHER your FREE or your not there is no in between
 Quoting: ThePatriotMind

Gosh, I don't recall writing anything about Gov't Intervention... let me go back and look... no - wait .. no. I did not write or even imply the government should step in and do something. I'd rather the government steps out of most everything, in fact. But that does not mean that I and you and everyone else should not be critical of Poor Behavior. And people who roam taking advantage of others deserve criticism. That in no way implies that the government should tax people and hire agents to go on GLP or other websites and provide that criticism. I can do it fine.

IF farmer John was picking up the phone and calling these 2 boys to come on his property and make an offer for anything he has, I'd have no problem. But... the 15 minutes I saw of the show while at another's home showed these 2 giggling about screwing another human. There's enough of that without popularizing it on The History Channel.

TV programming really is a waste.
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