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Poster Handle cantbuytime
Post Content
Well to everyone that is pissing and moaning about the show..

yeah they are bad people for buying rotting crap andputting some cash in peoples pockets who are being screwed on SS and retirement.. What the fuk ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU are the reason for the down fall of society... Do you complain about every fukin thing else too?????? You are why this country looks bad.. just bitching about everything but not changing anything.

lets start a list

1. u probably drive a car, helping destroy our ozone
2. u probably shop at wal-mart
3. u probably dont do anything but watch TV
4. u probably eat fast food
5. u probably had or do have sex out of wed lock.
6. u probably watch people drive like idiots and dont do or say anything
7. u probably have or do lie
8. u probably pass a starving homeless person everyday and dont offer any help

etc etc etc!!!!!

really, of all the crap on TV and all the problems in this country and you want to bitch about 2 guys buying junk on TV..

Get a life.. What ever your rebuttal may be to my post is still just u talking shit about shit that doesnt matter.

Fix your life first before you all come off like your fukin saints.. All these reality shows showing people from 17 to 28 just fukin each other and partying all the time.. This is the crap you pass up to bitch about.. Come on people.

this along with pawn stars are TV shows that are doing more good then harm by lining pockets.. Most of this stuff would just rot away and that history like everything before the 1900's would just disappear..

Shut up already... Find a real noble cause. whatever rant
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