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Poster Handle rottie
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Ever heard of "a willing seller and willing buyer"? First year college economics. It's only your old horse trading, car trading, antiqueing, even garage sailing. It's all the same. So far, we are still able to experience a little good ole' American capitalism. God bless us!

My husband just sold a '55 Bel Aire quarter panel for $450! Wa hoo!! He bought it for $50 bucks 2 years ago at a flea market from another WILLING SELLER! Yeah, we could have sold it for more if we wanted to WAIT for a MORE WILLING BUYER next month, but we wanted to sell it today so we could buy more food for next year.

You stupid idiots that have never done any horse trading having no idea the real value a willing seller and a willing buyer can arrive at. This is very elementary buying and selling. The show has shown you ignorant fools what Americans have been doing since the Colonists had to make do. Get real. This is what we will all be doing when the dollar takes its ultimate dive.

Let's just say... in five years... how much for my gallon of honey? It's all about willing buyer and willing seller.
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