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Poster Handle Seriously?
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People defending this crap are the same lost souls who believe it's all about THE BOTTOM LINE!!!

Whatever one does to screw another is just fine. In fact, it is capitalistic! That's what America is, right???


It is bad enough that these 2 loverboys roam the countryside with a eye out for old-timers (easier to take advantage of ol' Auntie Mildred than it is some 30-something in a McMansion) but what makes it despicable is that TV cameras follow them about, eager to record their immoral behavior and spread it across America.

'Out of Work? Well, watch the History Channel's new show - with pocket change you to can learn how to con old people out of their belongings. You might just get rich doing so!! (that's the American dream, right?).
 Quoting: Seamus

Wow. Do you realize what you are saying? Do you realize how/why some businesses in America thrive/survive and others do not? It's obvious from your post you don't - so I will try to explain it to you.

The businesses that survive are the ones which provide a product or service that people need or want at an acceptable price. This gives people what we call CHOICE.

So, lets look at what that means...

If I have some old junk I want to sell have a few options: Pawn Shop, E-Bay, Flea Market/Personal Sales, or Pickers.

According to your logic - Pickers should not be an option for me because they might make an actual profit on the junk I want to sell.

Pawn Shop is absolutely out because they could make even more of a profit than the pickers!

E-Bay is out if I don't know how to use the internet already, but even if I did E-Bay charges to use their service - so they are also evil because they "take advantage" of me by charging fees.

OK. So that leaves us with the Flea Market. Congratulations! Because the people who run the Pawn Shop, EBay, and Pickers can make a profit off my goods they shouldn't be allowed to run a business. Therefore, my CHOICE (and my freedom) has been limited. Thanks Alot!

The problem with you people is you feel it is "evil" to make a profit. You do not have the ability/ambition/whatever to actually provide a valuable product/service to the public, and since you can't do it - and don't understand it - you just call it "evil" or "taking advantage"

I will concede that if an older person doesn't understand, or isn't lucid enough to consent to an agreement - and you push on, that is taking advantage. But BOTTOM LINE, if someone is able to consent to an agreement, then the CHOICE is theirs - who are you to deprive them of it?

Finally, according to your logic, just about every retail business is morally corrupt because they sell items for more than what they pay for them.
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