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Are you people freaking high? Do you not understand what it means to be a reseller and the idea of a free and open market? Also, do you not understand what it means to develop connections and personal business relationships that allow you to sell things at the prices Mike and his associates are able to sell them for.

You people act as if they hadn't shown up all these folks would be living on easy street had they not been "ripped off". Let's be freaking honest here, on average most people are just surprised that people would WANT to buy their junk, secondly the profit margin is on average, only about 60 to 80%, so it's not like they're offering $5 and getting $5,000. More to the point do you have such a bad memory that you can't remember this season's episode where they repeatedly told a woman the numbers she was giving them were too LOW? They offer a fair price for what is essentially junk. They take the time and money to clean them, repair them and THEN sell them.

Also, a HUGE part of their business is CONNECTIONS. Do these people have those connections? NO! They don't. They spend their money to maintain a business with several employees to utilize their connections to make a living on a niche sector of the economy.

If you believe that what they're doing is dishonest or even remotely criminal I think you should get your head examined ASAP.

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