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You dumb liberal fucks, they usually ask what the people want for the stuff. Ever hear one mans trash is another mans treasure? You dumb fucks need to actually learn how to earn some money and get off the government teat.
 Quoting: shaggy 897360

That's part of the game, always ask what they want first. If not you may have end up paying more for it. You never want to make an offer first, because they might offer you a way lower price.

Watch Pawn Stars close and you will see they have it down to a science. "What do you want for your old Edison phonograph?" "I need $600, look at all the old wax cyliders that come with it." "No way I can do that, man, I can give you $50. People just want to display this, and will never play it. To be honest with you I'll be lucky to sell it within the year, and it will just be sitting here on the shelf." "But the expert said it was worth 1 million dollars." "That's at auction dude, and we would have to clean it up and pay an auctioneer. Last time we had one of these we made like ten bucks on it."

An aside with Rick; "Now that I know this is real I really want this in my shop, but I have to get it at the right price. Since this guy didn't know to take this to a phonograph collector I know I can get it cheap."

"Will you give me $550.?" "No dude, now your breakin my balls. I'll take a chance and give you $75 just because I like you." "Well, OK. I did find this in my basement and it's $75 more than when I came in here." "OK, lets go in back and do the paperwork."

This is how it's done, and I don't blame Pawn Stars or Pickers for it, but these people pawning things are retards that don't know what they are doing. I do feel for some of the older folks that the Pickers take advantage of, but I think they get a check from the TV producers when the release form is signed.
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