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You people are retarded. The elderly sellers on this show have no use for the shit that they sell. If they have no use for them, why the fuck should they keep them around? To collect more dust or go to waste in a junkyard once they pass away? It's not like they're buying some poor grandmother's necklace that she could've or was going to pass down to her child or using underhanded means at all, they're fucking BARGAINING to clients who are willing to sell what they have. They're buying fucking oil cans, old bikes, posters, etc. etc. Miscellaneous items that, to most people, are junk. How is that stealing, to buy something that someone does not use and does not want, hence why they're open to selling the items? Climb off of your moral high horses and stop being stupid. I don't see how someone could be so blind that they honestly consider American Pickers, of all things, on the fucking History channel, an immoral show. Same type of dumb fucks that go on witchhunts targeting anything they don't like. "OH I DON'T LIKE THIS SHOW THEY ARE STEALING IT SHOULD BE OFF OF THE AIR IMMEDIATELY." If you're that fucking dumb, first of all, don't watch the show. Second, kill yourself.
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