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Poster Handle rob123456789
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You're an idiot.
By that logic, it's okay for you to trade a kid some candy for the gold necklace her grandmother gave her at her baptism.
If I knew an old person who was in posession of an item of great value but that person wasn't aware of the value of the item, I would let them know it's real value and if they desired, I would introduce them to a buyer.
You probably think it's okay to buy foreclosed properties at auction and profit at the expense of someone else's misfortune.
But then again, that's the beauty of the capitalist system, isn't it?
It's what America is all about. You can go into another country and take what you want and pay what you want and if they don't agree you just deny them access to the market, impose sanctions on them, and starve them into submission.
And stupid fucks like you are only too happy to share in the spoils.

The only thing i think is correct in this post is that fact that there is a fascist Communist in the white house... ian under his rule we will lose are guns and rights to this idiot.
so why not make money off our stuff now why we still have the right to.
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