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ok guys... I read a good two pages of all the bullshit on here and it's ridiculous... I don't like the show much, but I must say... It's business! It's a free market, both parties have something the other wants... rusted old stuff, and cash money. Do you really think an 88 year old guy is going to go around through all his shit and say... "hmm, I wonder how ebay works?" NO! He's most likely going to leave it until the day he crawls into bed and die! Yeah it would suck if he were to later find out how much the item costs if it is a lot more than what he sold it for, BUT that is how shit works. Next time get an appraisal from the right people... And people nowadays will virtually find anything to complain about! Good God... Suck it up, and get a grip!

As for Pawn Stars, greatest show on history! It's a business, and you learn a lot about history, great stuff.
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