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Poster Handle What is wrong with you all
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I am just amazed about how there is always people who complain about everything. These guys do a great job they come in and go through what is pretty much just garbage. They go to places were there are items rusting in the elements for 50+ years. they offer to purchase these items. most of the items bought have to be restored. Do you crazey people on this post honestly beleive that a bunch of horders are going to get there items restored and then throw and auctoin in there rotting barns. How can you all say that "Pull this show at once" I dont mean to be rude but honestly people read what you posted you all sound very unintelligent. So they buy peoples old things, SO what they have a buisness thats great. I wonder what most of you do for a living. Most likely just complain all day about different things that you dont like and expect the world to accept it because you do. And also what the F@*k does the new world order have anything to do with American Pickers. I love this show and I love pawn stars. SO you can all just shut up now and find something else to complain about, which I;m sure you will. Good luck all. and God bless and please seek help you have issues.
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