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I love these guys. If I could ever get out of Corporate America I would do anything (almost:) to be a full time picker myself and can't even imagine the thrill of going on a freestyling picking trip with Mike and Frank. I have read some of the posts and I know that there are some people out there that think that they (or any picker) is somehow coercing people out of their valuable possessions for pennies on the dollar. This is not true at all. This stuff is junk to the people that they are buying it from. Sitting around, collecting dust, rusting, hidden in a pile of rubble etc which is why the name Antique Archaeology is SO fitting! They are unearthing items and in alot of circumstances restoring them to their original beauty and enabling people to add them to their collections that have a true appreciation for the item. Also, they are not pressuring the people to sell and back off quickly if someone does not want to. Also, on many occasions have even given the people more than what they had even asked for. There are some items that they majorly scored on and others not so much (how about the car that Frank had to have!:) Win some lose some, but that is part of the thrill of it all.

Mike, Frank..if you guys read this blog I would LOVE to hear from you! I have some amazing stories of my own that I could share. I would here but someone might think that they are "appalling" because I sold the items for much more than I paid. Bottom line is that I too rescued the items and the people that I bought them from were thrilled and then I was thrilled when I sold them and the people that were thrilled that bought them from me! What could be better than that??Thanks so much for such a fun exciting show and to learn more about the both of you and the warm, caring, kindness that you both exude with the people that you come in contact with.
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