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I tend to agree. I got the feeling that the two guys more or less looked down on these people. Nothing wrong with buying the stuff, but they should be respectful of whoever they are buying or attempting to buy from.

I noticed that when these to rat face bastards were buying(stealing) items from these old people they would giggle and smile like greedy thieves that got away with screwing yet another old person.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 868648

God you people are a bunch of WHINY FUCKS, yes they are fuckin these old people over on their old junk they never use or haven't even seen in 80 goddamn years its called capitalism its a fucking business just like pawn shops do they rape you then turn around and make 3 times as much bc they can it's not like these old bastards can take it to the grave with em id do in a heart beat if i could make some cash doing it,so stop fuckin whining and just watch the show or don't
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